Defining the parties involved:
1) You, Your- means any user of the site (for example this could refer to: potential buyers, anyone who advertises on or submits data to the site). 2) we, us ,Your, the company, the site - means - D.B.A.The House Hunter's, its agents/consultants and or employees.
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User's rights to the site:
You have the right to use the site only as described in this agreement. You are not granted any tangible or intellectual property rights to the site.
Site etiquette for users of the site:
To help everyone have a positive experience, we require, and you agree, to adhere to the following rules when using our site:
(1) You will follow these Conditions and all applicable laws.
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Liability and Warranty Disclaimer:
Warranty - You agree that your use of the site and services is at you own risk. All services and information provided to you via the site, is on a “as is” and “where available” basis. You also understand that the company does not warranty that the results obtained from your use of the site will meet your satisfaction or expectations. No warranty of any kind, whether oral or writing , can alter the terms of the disclaimer delineated in this writing. With respect to any and all content and advertisements on the site, the company disclaims all representations, warranties and conditions of any kind -express, implied, and statutory including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. Also note, that tools such as mortgage calculators are intended for performing calculations only, and are not offers to lend money. Any interest rates displayed are only for demonstrative purposes. Actual market rates may vary.
Liability - In no event will the company be liable to you for any real or perceived damages whatsoever. If you are not satisfied with the site, or its services, your sole recourse is to discontinue using the site and its services.

Content of the site:
You realize that the company is not a real estate broker, mortgage broker or mortgage lender. Any content related to these disciplines or any other disciplines are a result of advertisements from 3rd parties. You also realize that the company does not screen or approve 3rd party advertisers content. And that the company is within its rights, but not obligated, to refuse modify or delete any content that is posted to the site.
Material Provided by You(advertisers):
By submitting any content to the site, you are asserting and represent that you have the authority to give to the company a irreversible, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, international license to use, copy, perform, exhibit and distribute the content and to build derivative works of , or assimilate into other works. Also, by submitting content to the site, you give the company all rights necessary to bar any subsequent aggregation, display, copying, duplication, reproduction, or exploitation of the content on the site.
Advertising Content and intellectual property rights:
A) All works of any kind submitted and created on this site either by the company on the users behalf or by the actual site user) will be the sole and exclusive property of the company. With the exception of the following: 1) any client listing information 2) any trademarks or service marks, or copy written works that have their respective affixed mark conspicuously visible on the work 3) any content or software, or licenses that the company has attained for a fee from a 3rd party. B) you assume the entire responsibility of protecting your product and your intellectual property rights. The company bears none of this burden.
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